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IBDA Seminars for Design Decision-Makers 2017
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WBP 2017
World Banknote Project

5th IBDC 2018

5th IBDC 2018

IBDA Charter

What is the IBDA?

  • The IBDA is a non-profit making organisation registered in Switzerland.
  • The IBDA Committee consists of a President, Communications Manager and 5 elected Committee members.
  • IBDA members are involved in banknote design and related activities.
  • The IBDA provides bilateral communication channels between banknote designers and all other actors involved in banknote design, production and issue to ensure sustainable and continued evolution in banknote security, functionality and durability.
  • The IBDA functions on the basis that a more informed and aware banknote designer community will ensure evolution and excellence in banknote design.

What does the IBDA do?

  • The IBDA ensures & promotes knowledge within the international banknote designer community.
  • The IBDA acts on behalf of individual banknote designers in need of support, information or advice in a timely and confidential manner.
  • The IBDA supports the international banknote designer community by launching and managing diverse projects intended to deliver information to all stakeholders active in the design of banknotes
  • The IBDA supports and promotes excellence in banknote design by ensuring that the international banknote designer community is informed of the latest technology, techniques, products, threats and opportunities.
  • The IBDA represents banknote designer interests at all levels through regular liason with central banks, banknote printers, substrate suppliers, security feature suppliers, technology providers and other cash cycle stakeholders.

What Are the Main IBDA Objectives?

  • To enable better communication
  • Between designers
  • Between designers and industry suppliers
  • Between designers and other associations
  • To give designers collective recognition
  • To give designers more information
  • To represent designer interests
  • To support the designers of the future
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IEA-Training Programme
Intaglio Engraving Art Foundation created in Urbino 2014 by the IBDA

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