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World Banknote Project
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» Giving IBDA Members Access to the World of Banknotes via Industry Publications and DataVault
» The Banknote of the Future Competition
» Designer Guideline and Working
» IBDA - Intaglio Engraver Training Programme

Designer Guideline and Working

The IBDA has recently launched several programmes aimed at producing a comprehensive set of banknote designer guidelines to support designers when developing new or upgraded designs.
To facilitate the above the IBDA has created several Working Groups charged with the task of developing these guidelines and associated plug-ins as well as templates that designers can use as a practical tool in their day-to-day work. The Working Groups consist of experts in the specific fields of interest, including designers, technology developers, suppliers, printers, industry associations and central bank representatives.
To date, the following three Working Groups have been created:

  • Machine Readability.
  • Substrates & Durability.
  • Intaglio Engraving.

Our mission is to create a set of practical guidelines and not an encyclopaedia. The subjects covered in each set of designer guidelines include:

Introduction to a specific subject.
Glossary of Terms & Definitions.
The Link Between Banknote Circulation and Durability.
Denomination dynamics.
Security, Recognition and Functionality.
Classifications and categories of the subject.
Research and case studies already carried out.
The technologies, products and processes available.
Best practices for designers.
Change control process from old to new design series.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)/Problems/Mistakes:
  • from the supplier’s perspective
  • from the designer’s perspective
Checklist – questions you should ask.
Designer Guidelines and Templates:
  • Visually illustrated parameters, limitations and rules.
How to create specifications.
Tips and advice for designers.
Supplier/Company/Contact details.

In order to ensure that the designer guidelines are kept highly relevant and user-friendly, we need your input. We will soon be contacting you to ask for your opinion and help with some of these projects, and we hope you will be able to give us support. To find out more about the activity of the different Working Groups, please click on one of the following buttons:

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