Speakers & Delegates

The Speakers

All 5th IBDC Conference Speakers are considered to be experts in their specific field and their presentation will be approved by the IBDA committee before being included in the final conference agenda. The Speakers will have actively participated in the WBP and will explain the con- cept, context and objectives of their WBP design via a presentation and exhibition of their designs at the dedi- cated World Banknote Project Exhibition Area. More than
60 revolutionary banknote designs will be presented for the very first time at the 5th IBDC, providing inspiration, creative thinking and perspective for all participants.


The 5th IBDC 2018 — Lisbon, Portugal

The Delegates

Due to the highly specific and technical nature of banknote design, conference access will be limited to visitors who are directly involved in banknote design or decision – mak- ing on banknote design issues. The conference will be of particular interest to professionals active in the following domains:

Banknote design

› Concept artists

› Security Design artists (origination)

› Intaglio Engravers

› Pre-press professionals (depth/profile setting, proofing, plate – making)

› Design Management

Banknote printing

› Production Management

› Print Management

Central Bank issuing and cash management

› New Series Project teams

› Upgrade Series Project Teams

› Issuing Department

› Cash Management

Conference delegates should note that the conference is limited to 180 participants in order to optimise the flow of information within a controlled and confidential envi- ronment. For the same reason, there will be no associated exhibition or sponsorship of the event.
Based on previous IBDC events, we aim to attract delegates from approximately 70 countries, making the event a true multi – cultural meeting place for the exchange of ideas, ex- perience and perspectives on the Banknote of the Future.
A dedicated team of conference organisers have been as- sembled to assist with the necessary travel, accommoda- tion and any other logistical issues before and during the conference. These are:

Forensic/Scientific Community

› Adversarial Analysis

› Reverse engineering

› Perception Science

Feature/Substrate/ Technology Developers

› Printed Technology

› Applied Technology

› Embedded Technology

› Cotton, Mixed and Polymer substrate developers

Mark Stevenson
IBDA, President
Vanessa Lavie IBDA, Communications Manager
Madeleine Remy
IBDA, Event Support